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Device Servers

Device Servers

The ability to manage virtually any electronic device over a network or the Internet is changing our world. Companies want to remotely manage, monitor, diagnose and control their equipment because doing so adds an unprecedented level of intelligence and efficiency to their businesses.

With this trend, and as we rely on applications like e-mail and database management for core business operations, the need for more fully-integrated devices and systems to monitor and manage the vast amount of data and information becomes increasingly more important. And, in a world where data and information is expected to be instantaneous, the ability to manage, monitor and even repair equipment from a distance is extremely valuable to organizations in every sector.

This need is further emphasized as companies with legacy non-networked equipment struggle to compete with organizations equipped with advanced networking capabilities such as machine-to-machine (M2M) communications. There’s no denying that advanced networking provides an edge to improving overall efficiencies.

Device servers make it easy to put just about any piece of electronic equipment on an Ethernet network. It will highlight the use of external device servers and their ability to provide serial connectivity for a variety of applications. It will touch on how device networking makes M2M communication possible and wireless technology even more advanced. Finally, as any examination of networking technologies requires consideration of data security, this paper will provide an overview of some the latest encryption technologies available for connecting devices securely to the network.

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