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Solar Panel V4-Black

Solar Panel V4-Black
Solar Panel V4-Black
Solar Panel V4-Black
Solar Panel V4-Black
Solar Panel V4-Black

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Zorins Technologies Sells Product of Ring Solar Panel V4-Black A few hours of sunshine during the day, the rechargeable battery, the Ring Spotlight or stick up cam with the solar panel to charge. Suitable for Spotlight or stick up cam is the solar panel in either black or white. The solar panel is a four meters long cable connected to the camera and is installed in a few minutes. Thanks to the swivel mount allows the solar module is optimally to the sun. There are typical ring screws, plugs, a screwdriver and even a drill included in delivery.

Always charged Every Sun hour charges the battery of the spotlight or stick up cam on and extend run time immense, into the bright seasons, you will no longer need to charge the battery separately. The solar panel is especially useful when you rarely at home or your Spotlight or stick up cam for example, a holiday house is monitored. For maximum battery Endurance combine the solar panel with a second Quick Release Battery.

  • Never again, recharging the batteries
  • Quick installation
  • For Spotlight Cam battery or stick up cam battery

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